Discover the art of assembling, layering and proportioning your rings – Dress your hands in the way that best suits you. Get your fingers ready for custom tailoring and looks made by YOU! Let your creativity speak...



Although it is very intuitive, there is a logic to follow for real mixes of rings.
We share ours, it’s up to you to follow it or not.


Make your choice first according to your mood, the occasion and the style of the moment.

Choose rings that vary in volume, texture and shape!

In terms of quantity?
There are no limits or codes.

Once your selection is made, room for harmonization! To do this, you start by choosing THE ring that speaks to you today and you build your look around it.

Test, try, let your instinct speak. Layer, stack your rings.
But above all, proportion everything!!!


The descending line : Put your thickest ring on the index finger then a slightly thinner one on the middle finger, finishing with your thinnest ring on the ring finger or little finger.

And the increasing line : all the same, but in the other direction.
Always dare more by wearing your biggest ring on your little finger!

On your index, middle and ring fingers, position your rings in a straight line, at the same level on your fingers. Perfect alignment to ensure a successful mix.

ERITA's Touch = All along the hand, choose rings of the same thickness, for a more than perfect line. Play with the contrast of shapes and textures but with the same volume! Harmony operates immediately.

Take the height

Take the height

Another possibility: Opt for more or less high positions.

Have fun with different ring heights and layering possibilities while keeping balance and proportion in mind


Select your "statement" rings and don't be afraid to be a little rock'n'roll, with as many rings as possible.

The harmonization has taken place: the more there are of them, the less we see them.

Let's do it...


Choose a ring to highlight on each hand, it will be the “master piece” of the assembly.

Tips : The ideal is to put your large piece on the index or middle finger.


Then, you have to try to juxtapose different textures and styles to contrast....

Tips : contrast is the RULE!! #everyringtalks


Put smaller rings around it to give the best proportion. It is not essential to put one on each finger, do it according to your proportions.

Tips : Bare fingers allow for a nice balance, but use both hands to enhance your style!!!



An assortment of rings with the same color, the same stone to match your mood of the moment!

All-metal rings for a sober but assertive look.



PASSIONATE, the models in our collections can also be combined together – 5 rings for your 5 fingers and a fun look guaranteed.