Boldness is DARE, daring to reveal your untapped talents, assert your personality, show initiative, give yourself the means but above all assume the risk of making a mistake!

Boldness is a decision, a will and a way of living day to day. Each woman has the power to express her own personality, to dare the small as well as the big, the knot but also the heart, the green and why not the's up to her to choose!

Our mission: Let your creativity speak, even the most buried ones !!!

ERITA rings are the pieces of YOUR puzzle, wearing them means daring to tell your story!


Being authentic means being sincere with yourself, with others and acting according to your desires.

Telling yourself as you are with your qualities and faults, with your faults in taste and style, the important thing is BEING YOURSELF. No fuss, we want the REAL, it’s our identity, our DNA. Otherwise we don't know how to do it! But we adapt...

The genesis of ERITA : The desire that all women can wear quality rings, gold, voluminous or not, at affordable prices.

The ERITA universe highlights this spontaneous, slightly rock energy, which we like!

A universe based on this sincere desire to CREATE original rings, so that each of us expresses the different facets of our personality, and easily offers ourselves the pleasure of feeling unique.


To be sparkling is to have a flamboyant, luminous, brilliant, radiant personality.

We have all this sparkle! It shines through in our personalities, when the state of freedom is there...this sensation that we all love so much, that of being ourselves, liberated!!!  At ERITA, we believe that spontaneity is the best remedy for unbridling it.

The ERITA universe highlights your spontaneity, your energy, your slightly rock sparkle that we like so much about you... this is what we put into the creation and history of each of our pieces.

We don't just create rings... the freedom to be is our driving force.

Our mission: to help you sparkle and shine every day.


If there was a golden rule, we would have spread the word... no advice to free yourself from the gaze of others but only to share the "whim" of wanting to be

Due to their originality, ERITA rings are made so that all women can rediscover their everyday fantasy.
Lightness and frivolity are our DNA. They are at the heart of our vocabulary, with the ultimate goal that you manage to please yourself!

It's up to us to tell you our little golden rule: you can never have too much fun!



If you want to join our team, discuss and exchange with our talents, or find out more about our common project, follow the guide.