Let's avoid long speeches, pictures are more meaningful so follow the guide! If you're curious to know more, we're here . We will be happy to chat and answer you.

We wanted to offer rings with original designs, voluminous or not, to wear on all fingers.

We wanted quality rings, “handmade” in France, at an affordable cost.

We wanted, above all and above all, rings for all women.

But many technical constraints quickly become apparent. The concept is gradually taking shape . The Mi adjustability becomes obvious .

Women, a vision, a project,...today, a challenge that we take on every day to always do better: Semi-adjustable RINGS.



After numerous tests, we chose to develop, in collaboration with our experts and partner workshops, adjustable MI ring designs:

  • open
  • adjustable from 4 to 5 sizes,
  • with 3 resistance levels

1. Low Adjustability : The designs created whose shape and volume induce weight are designed with great resistance to opening. Their low flexibility thus optimizes their hold on the finger.

2. Middle Adjustability : The weight and shape of these unique designs, more or less bulky, allow more flexibility when opening: medium adjustability for ideal wear.

3. High Ajustability : The shape of this ring allows great adjustability , you can therefore very easily adjust the size to adapt it to all fingers and thus allow more freedom when worn.




Our rings are delicate and precious. Made by hand, they are the result of the know-how of our partner workshops: From the 3D designer to the setters.

A quality of Made in France jewelry that we are committed to maintaining and protecting on a daily basis.

At ERITA , we adjust and handle our rings gently, with great delicacy, using a cloth provided for this purpose. This preserves the resistance of the material and its golden shine.

Rings are our jewelry.


Originally, there is a woman who wears rings, lots of rings. It challenges, it inspires others who come across it. Long, unexpected conversations with strangers then begin around their rings and their singularities.

Personal stories shared on a café terrace, at the supermarket, on a plane, ... with a common point: THE RING .

Intrigued by this universal curiosity, and these shared emotions, we sought to understand this “sociological” phenomenon which affects ALL women.

We then see the ring differently, as it is truly...charged with personality, experience and modernity:

The ERITA vision was born.

But the remarks are always the same. "How do I choose and mix my rings? ...My fingers are not made for...". Conversations, confessions, shared advice that start as quickly as they end.

We then decide to create rings for everyone. We created ERITA for this. To continue these conversations of girls, of women, and allow them to tell their stories with pleasure, audacity and without fuss!!

Questions ...?

Is there a size range for each ring?

Yes. This is why we talk about mid adjustability. We have taken care to indicate these size levels for each ERITA ring, in the "Details" section of the model sheets.

This will allow you to have a precise idea and above all to imagine different carries :)

Are the rings adjustable one or more times?

ERITA rings are more or less adjustable each time you want to change their sizes. However, our rings are real jewelry; too sudden and too regular an adjustment would naturally result in lasting damage to them. So we preserve and protect them as best as possible while making the most of them!

Does the adjustment damage the ring?

This is an important question that is the basis of our vision. An ERITA ring is above all a jewel, precious and delicate. It must therefore be taken care of and handled with care. So rest assured, the adjustment made delicately, as it should :), will not damage your beauty. Follow the guide to learn more.

Do the rings loosen as easily as they tighten?

Yes. Depending on their levels of adjustability, ERITA rings adjust more or less easily. A ring that therefore has a high level of adjustability will be easier to loosen than a ring with a low level of adjustability.