Interview guide

All our rings are made of fine gold-plated brass.

We choose natural stones, for their unique shapes and colors, which may vary.

Our advice is simple but nevertheless useful to remember :):

Our rings should be stored in a clean, dry, cool place.

It is always best to remove them before going to bed to both let your skin breathe and preserve them.

In order to maintain the shine and color of your rings, which naturally patina over time, we avoid contact with water and chemicals, and we do not wear them during our daily beauty routine!

If this happens, don't worry, your ring can be gently cleaned with a soft, dry cloth.

It is the same with the enamel of your rings, which you can make shine.

Little feedback =

We always prefer to store our rings in their original box, provided for this purpose. It makes them more beautiful.

However, if you decide to store your rings in a small pouch, you prevent them from taking a beating.

When you remove your ERITA rings, open, you leave them at the same size until the next time to avoid unnecessary handling.