A recipe as delicious as it is light!! Simple and quick, one of our salads perfect to accompany a small omelette, a winter soup or on its own.

In short, the perfect combo as beautiful as it is delicious, the contrast of flavors and textures,…as healthy as it is funky! What else?

In short, let's skip the nice words and head to the kitchen for a simple & funky recipe!


For 4 people

We need...

  • 6 baby figs
  • 1/2 Selles-sur-Cher between 2
  • 5 beautiful Walnuts from Périgord or Grenoble (depending on your preference)
  • 3 Baby Succrines
  • 4 round radishes
  • A few rocket sprouts
  • Chive
  • Spring onions
  • A few dill leaves
  • Quality red wine vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp Sumac
  • Salt and pepper & Fleur de sel
  • Olive oil with real taste!

Let's go...

1 🍋 We prepare the fruits and vegetables. First, we strip the sucrines well, wash them and dry them well. We reserve. We cut very thin slices of round radish (1mm). We reserve. Finely chop the chives and spring onions.

Tip: As soon as the radishes are cut, you can let them soak in wine vinegar, and obtain minute radish “pickles”. This twists this recipe which mixes sweet and savory just right!

We then cut the small figs into quarters and break the nuts to recover the kernels. We cut the half Selles-sur-Cher into 2 quarters, which we cut into more or less thin slices according to your taste. We cut half into small
1 cm bites and reserve the other half in slices for final dressing.

Tip: If your figs are really small, cut 2 and not 4 to be able to keep the contrast in the mouth between all the flavors, including the crunch of the sweet fig seeds, and the melting of the goat cheese and its saltiness.

2 🍋 Once we have everything prepared, we start the assembly which is an important part of the recipe because it is imperative that each bite brings together all the flavors and textures.

Tip: We chose a shuttle-shaped dish here but any slightly curved dish is perfect!

We alternate layers of sucrine leaves, rocket shoots, fig quarters, small pieces of cheese, radishes, nuts and fresh herbs. We season this first layer well, salt pepper olive oil a few drops of wine vinegar, and we repeat the operation until exhausted.

Optional: You can also add thin slices of mini Lebanese cucumbers to the mixture at this time to add a crunchy sweetness to the mouth.

3 🍋 Once the assembly is complete, we move on to the final training. Place the remaining half of the sliced ​​cheese on top, add the chopped dill, the few remaining whole walnut kernels and the powdered sumac and a drizzle of olive oil. It's ready !!!

Tip: Above all, we go slowly with the salt because let's not forget that Goat's cheese is salty!

We take good care of the training because above all things...we eat with our eyes :)!!!

Enjoy your meal and don’t hesitate to share your photos of this simple but effective ERITA recipe with us here !!