The ERITA brand was created to reinvent the vision of rings and allow you to dare the unthinkable, the unwearable.
ERITA's goal is to share its unique conception of the ring, so that women can see their hands, their rings and their identity in new ways.


meet alexandra

Alexandra if you meet her one day, she will probably have around ten rings on her fingers. Many are amazed by his limitless accumulations and his audacity. In fact, this is what motivated her to create ERITA.

Sharing this passion, removing preconceived ideas and supporting women so that they dare to tell their stories, exaggerate, try, in short, be themselves is the essence of ERITA .

It is with this desire to change the world of rings and the way in which women highlight their uniqueness that Alexandra thought of ERITA . A universe in which she involves her #eritasses team to promote the brand's vision.

“A relevant style in my opinion is a bit like rock n roll: it always has to be a little rebellious”

- Alexandra, founder of Erita

We advocate an authentic, ethical and identity brand but what is it really?


ERITA is based on authenticity and real human connections, both within our offices and with our clients and partners.

We work in a climate of joy and kindness where everyone's ideas, words and work are recognized and respected. We share a common vision with the desire for success for all


one team one dream

To achieve this, all our employees are personally involved in their work and in maintaining a friendly and collaborative living environment. We value trust, confidentiality and respect for everyone so that the quality of being at work is as human and cheerful as possible.

For us, joy brings good vibes and is contagious, it enables everyone’s well-being.

Authenticity is a primordial value for us, we want each employee to dare to say it, so that it concretely resembles us and brings our philosophy to life. ERITA is above all a feeling of belonging.

With our partners, we are committed to maintaining the same respectful behaviors.

We value human relationships and work with French partners with whom we create real links. We share transparently throughout the creative process, so that everyone can find pleasure in their work.

We see each collaboration as an opportunity for exchange, for mutual contribution, for taking on a new challenge. Our partners share our enthusiasm and the desire to bring our rings to life for everything they wear and represent.

Recipes Made in ERITA , "chat" interviews, "ring" advice, our cool discoveries of the moment,... in short, here we share everything because ERITA was created for that!!!


Girls, women, shy people, big mouths, discover the direct, no-fuss interviews with ERITA women...

“We love all stories of princesses, of love, of drama, the main thing, whatever is sincere, direct and a little inappropriate...!!”

- Alexandra, founder of ERITA