For ERITA, the rings speak. They tell us WITHOUT WORDS. Reflections of our identity, they express our personalities, our singularities.

RINGS only...

RINGS only...

The ERITA brand was created to reinvent the vision of rings.
Our goal: Share our unique conception of this special piece of jewelry, so that women can see their hands, their rings and their identity in a new way, with fun and lightness.

“Show me your rings, I’ll tell you who you are”

Why the ring? The ring is historically a separate piece of jewelry. For 21,000 years, it has been the most personal jewel. A social marker with strong symbolism, the ring tells our styles, our moods, our family, romantic, friendly stories... It is THE jewel that best conveys our singularities and our most personal little stories...

“All women must wear their personality proudly. We shake up the rules, and create fancy rings to allow everyone to dare this pleasure every day, with fun and without fuss ."



At ERITA , creativity - a mirror of identity - is in each of us!!!

Our original and semi-adjustable creations express our different facets. Like the pieces of a puzzle, we assemble the rings, we mix them to tell the story, for the style, for the "message" and above all with frivolity and authenticity!!!!

We share our intimacy, we accompany, we suggest and we simply exchange. Collaboration with our customers is essential. The mix of our ideas, our preferences, accompany us at every stage. They are our reason for being.

The end result is...rings that go beyond expectations. Rings that reflect the individuality and unique style of each of us.

...ERITA is a women's brand for women.

A new conception of the collections...rings designed by volumes and typologies . An innovative, outside-the-box approach that is part of ERITA ’s DNA.

Inspired by the verbs that express us, FACE, KNOT, SERPENT..., are declined differently, in 5 volumes from

1 design...5 possibilities


We follow thoughtful French manufacturing, and we share our know-how and that of the artisans in complete transparency. Our goal: to work so that all women can wear quality, semi-adjustable rings at affordable prices.

Inside Erita

ERITA is a universe where women, POP culture, urban life, cuisine, life and the future merge to create rings with lightness. We imagine rings with original designs, so that they live, mix and tell your story.

Our mission is to allow you to express your uniqueness “simply” and with pleasure.