Because our rings are our mirror, we believe that environmental and social responsibility is the way to go.


From design to finalization, our rings are guaranteed 100% Made in France. From Paris, Nantes to Lyon, our rings will never have taken a plane. This approach makes it possible to limit the carbon footprint of our rings, but also to guarantee quality, artisanal and local know-how.

All our materials and manufacturing processes are sourced in France. But an ERITA ring is above all 100% creativity and sharing.

“Manufacturing concerned with
our environment
in harmony with our vision »

All at the right price for our partners and your bank account!


“Working so that all women can wear quality rings at affordable prices”


An ERITA ring is jewelry know-how , put at the service of fantasy, with an extra touch of soul.

Sketches, sketches, designs
3D, the pieces finalized by hand, using 100% French artisanal know-how, are entirely produced using an eco-friendly approach.

Succeeding in the challenge of a stylistic fusion between environmental preservation and innovations is our leitmotif.


This is part of our philosophy, we go to the essentials!! Case, boxes, paper, and cards... We have chosen a simple but quality experience, to last. We are minimalist to minimize waste of materials. Share your thoughts with us here

Optimized volume: the size of our packaging is designed to optimize space and minimize the use of materials.

FSC/PEFC certified paper: Paper and cardboard come from responsibly managed forests certified with the FSC or PEFC label.

Single-material boxes and packaging: the term single-material means that the choice of a single material allows selective sorting and optimal recycling.

Towards plastic-free packaging: Shipments from our site are already plastic-free, and we are working to make shipments from other e-commerce platforms plastic-free as well.


We are committed to working in the best conditions both for our team and for our partners, with whom we build real bonds and who have had the audacity to embark on the ERITA adventure. They allow us to continue to innovate, share, take on challenges every day and bring the brand to life. Our human commitment is the essence of ERITA.

The beautiful, the good and the good are made accessible while respecting everyone's work and time in the design of rings from the #slowfashion brand.

ERITA rings, in brass gilded with fine 24-carat gold, are made in France in workshops that respect their environment . Our materials are carefully selected, clean and without risk to your health. We make sure every step is checked. Our brass is traced and our gold recycled.

In a workshop everything is filtered to recover the slightest gold dust. It's so precious that it never goes to waste, it can be recycled endlessly. Today on the French market when you buy gold, it is between 80 and 90% recycled. It is at the heart of this process that ERITA defines itself: reasoned manufacturing.



Each of our rings is marked with the ERITA point.

A point, THE point of recognition, of rallying, a common point that brings us together and carries our vision, our values ​​and our energy. #eritasses


ERITA is based on authenticity and real human connections, both within our offices and with our clients and partners.

Our team is a climate of joy and kindness where everyone's ideas, words and work are recognized and respected. Listening, trust, and sharing are our leitmotif. A human quality of being at work, based on experience. #ERITACLUB