Golden guarantee

The best guarantee

Because our rings tell us stories, they are our daily partners, they carry our stories, we want to keep them forever. We are therefore keen, at ERITA , to support you in their maintenance and repair in the event of an incident.


The re-gilding of our rings is guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase.

Our rings live with us every day, it is normal that they deteriorate from time to time. Although the "patina" side of pieces revealing our experiences is what we love the most, it is sometimes necessary to give them a boost.
You entrust us with your ring between 6 to 8 weeks. We are responsible, in collaboration with our French partners, for giving it a second lease of life.

We reserve the right to refuse rings showing signs of excessive wear other than loss of gilding.


“Show me your rings, I’ll tell you who you are!!”

Our mission is to allow people to dare, to unleash creativity and to live experiences together. We create rings so that women have the pleasure, every day, of experiencing their personality and making their uniqueness shine.

We are a young brand, born from a new vision on the RING, and from Alexandra Benitah's desire to help women tell their stories.

We are a small team in which dynamism, communication and respect are our foundations. Maintaining a family, curious and caring team spirit is our desire, and those whatever our size over time.


People are the heart of our project . At ERITA, we cultivate a culture of collaboration and growth, in a caring, open and cooperative state of mind.

We are creative, proactive and dynamic . We encourage free and spontaneous exchanges. Our team is a climate of joy and sharing where everyone's ideas, words and work are recognized and respected. Good humor, listening and trust are our leitmotif. A human quality of being at work, based on experience. #ERITACLUB

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