In 1920, the cocktail ring appeared with prohibition. At that time, the bars called “ speak-easy ” were very masculine worlds but the most emancipated women dared, they went there.

These women, nicknamed The Flappers , are flappers, always stylish, who smoke, wear makeup, love jazz and drink alcohol. Their goal is to be seen drinking. So to draw attention to the hand holding the glass, they wear colorful and imposing rings, very showy in their sizes and colors .

These rings have no social marker and in no way resemble an engagement ring... Their new volumes, their opulence, is to emphasize excess
that they claim...so ERITA'S Style !


Women have become accustomed to wearing a meaningful ring to events to which they are invited. Time passes, the cocktail ring remains and ends up becoming timeless...

The craze surrounding the cocktail ring is linked to its ability to reinvent itself. In the 1960s, jewelers took advantage of this trend to offer volumes that enhance the color of the stones. Later, in the 80s, they rethought it using finer stones and no longer just precious ones.

Today, the cocktail ring is more subtle. The central stone can be more or less large and its imposing side can be maintained by the composition of the stones. What gives it its characteristic is its color, the design gives its intention.


No doubt, it is THE ERITA ring by definition... its chic, its opulence, in short... the cocktail ring has never finished inspiring us!!!

If it can be declined infinitely, the cocktail ring maintains a single rule: you wear it as you want, more specifically on the right, but in no case pay attention to the left ring finger!

How do we mix it?

Our cocktail rings can be worn on all fingers. But depending on your personality, your style, you will like to wear it on your ring finger, index finger or little finger.

Regardless, it can be worn in all circumstances, and will have a guaranteed "volume" effect on any of your fingers!

We answer you...

Are ERITA cocktail rings adjustable?

All our models are semi-adjustable . Our cocktail rings can therefore be worn according to their levels of adjustability on several fingers.

Do ERITA cocktail rings go with everything?

We have several models of cocktail rings that will go easily with all your rings and all your outfits to shine day and night!

Are cocktail rings available in several colors?

Depending on the ring you have fallen for, you will find a variation of stones in various colors (rhodocrosite, mother-of-pearl, green agate, etc.). We let you discover them on our site!