Vision x Creation

The 1 in 5 concept is 1 story in 5 volumes .

Behind each ERITA collection, there is 1 facet of our personalities available in 5 volumes from the most delicate to the largest to represent the greatest number of us.

5 volumes, original styles, more or less imposing - for all tastes and all occasions.
In short, this is our vision at the service of creation!

– a new universe to have fun, tell stories and shine -


Our desire is to create rings for everyone, which express our different facets. By talking, observing, laughing, we enriched ourselves with our common points, to build our collections. The most inspiring thing for us is the desire to act. Our collections have therefore been designed and designed around verbs. But the real question is... why verbs?

To express and mark the universal action, will and dynamism of women.



Drawing inspiration from our uniqueness and sharing with women is our driving force. But all these differences at the heart of our philosophy have their limits technically speaking.

The shape of our hands is unique. The real question quickly arises: how can we ensure that all our rings fit all women, and all fingers?
Over several months and thanks to the continuous work of our ERITA team, we developed, in collaboration with materials engineers and 3D engineers, the innovative concept of Mi/adjustability .

We create adjustable rings whose resistance to opening varies according to their shape, weight and volume... this to ensure they stay on the finger and are ideal for wearing.

A ring to wear on different fingers, and that doesn't turn, isn't that what we all dream of? :)